lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Quoting about religion, God, etc...

En días como éstos, ayer coincidieron la película La misión, con los grandes de Niro y Jeremy Irons, y el sexto capítulo de la primera temporada de 6 feet under. Y ambos me recordaron una canción y una cita: España, de Bushido, y la cita que aparece entre las dos escenas claves de la película y de la serie.

Hoy la cosa va de religión, gente:

Father Clark: Well, religion is politics, David. Jesus was a revolutionary, threatened those in power, and they had him assassinated. And they'd do the same thing to him today. [..] The hardest part about my work is the fact that most people don't want a real relationship with God. Yeah, sure, they'll pray to a man nailed to a cross, but they'll – they'll ignore the gay kid who gets strung up, or the black man who gets dragged behind a car, or someone's mother living in a box.
'6 feet under' 1x06
One thing about great art: it made you love people more, forgive them their petty transgressions. It worked in the way that religion was supposed to, if you thought about it.
'Juliet, naked', Nick Hornby, page 28.
Altamirano: Tell them they must leave the missions. They must submit to the will of God.
Gabriel: They say it was the will of God that they came out of the jungle and built the mission. They don't understand why God has changed his mind.
'The mission', 1986

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